View Full Version : Have any of You come across Steve Carpenter, AKA NWFish?

5/17/2004 1:03pm,
Back on the JKDWebkwoon forum, this guy named Steve Carpenter used to post craptastic claims about his wonderful "sifu"-ness and how UFC fighters were only half-truth combatants. Now, to illustrate how pathetic and bullshido this guy is, I must rag a little here. The man listed piss-poor, half-witted arguments that consisted of one asinine comment like "JKD is t3h d34dly for the cage", always ended his claim/argument with "etc", began/ended everything he typed with "LOL", "ROTFLMAO" and used the most childish grammar that would make my 1st grade teachers head spin 360 and spout green pea soup. I would paste examples, but the lame-ass would delete his posts when backed into a corner. Moreover, he is convinced he is a sifu but does not bother to list any lineage, and suggests advice of the most trite or sometimes(mostly) dangerous kind. And when I confronted him on his own jack-booted nazi forum, he skipped banning me and deleted his forum entirely! The reason I ask if any Bullshidoka have had the horrid fortune of meeting this 40 year old momma's boy is because this guy needs....well....therapy actually. If you have seen him, please respond with comments.