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Holy Moment
8/14/2016 6:44am,
Are they only playing it online?

Eh, it starts at 9:00 anyway.

Bar Humbug
8/14/2016 12:50pm,

Holy Moment
8/14/2016 8:19pm,

Holy Moment
8/14/2016 8:22pm,
Delta Jackson: This wasn't a choke out. The Russian just simply couldn't wield the force of Lay-and-Pray, so his brain shut off to keep from being liquified.

8/14/2016 8:33pm,
That is one of the most Russian things I've ever seen.

Holy Moment
8/15/2016 2:38pm,

Pancrase didn't really give a **** if you got choked out or had your leg broken, so long as you got the rope escape.

Common sense safety is for pussies.