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Holy Moment
8/11/2016 5:47am,
Are there any unique benefits in training with these? I want to be like Masakatsu Funaki.


8/11/2016 11:24am,

Looks awesome to me !

8/12/2016 5:25am,
The big clubs he's using are more like Persian clubs, used in the old school Persian gymnasium method zurkhaneh. Indian clubs, or meel, tend to be much smaller and lighter, like 1-5 lbs. The lighter clubs give you a lot more options, so when you compare a meel vid to a zurkhaneh club vid, the Indian one will have way more types of milling.

I have a few sets I train with. One is a 5 lb wooden set, one is a 5 lb iron set and 1 is a 15 lb iron set. I use them to warm up and cool down before and after paddleboarding. It provides a unique type of resistance across pretty much every range of motion possible through the arms. Scott Sonnen's clubbell material says that one of the uses of the heavy club to the grappler, is that it can provide resistance across a rotating plane of the shoulder, which is the way the arm is twisted in a shoulder lock, so you are less likely to get injured that way in training. I honestly haven't been grappling enough to assess if that's true.

A few months ago I got into a skateboarding accident that messed up my right arm pretty bad. I couldn't twist or straighten it and had it in a sling for a few weeks. I found my Indian clubs to be excellent physical therapy to get my arm used to range of motion and resistance again.

I think its a bit telling, though, that you almost never see anyone who's really ripped that's a big club enthusiast. It's not really a good replacement for more intense physical training. They're a good supplement to it, I think.

8/12/2016 5:34am,
I strongly suspect that clubwork would help one's gripfighting.

Holy Moment
8/17/2016 8:06pm,