View Full Version : Looking for a grappling school with a good kids program - in Warsaw, Poland

8/10/2016 6:46am,
Simple enough, for a long shot request.

One of my students - a burly eight year old - is moving to Warsaw, Poland, in a couple of weeks. He (and his family) will be there for a couple of years, and his dad is having trouble finding him somewhere to train. Right now, the kid is focusing on BJJ and wrestling, but they're open to any sort of quality grappling - BJJ, judo, wrestling, sambo, whatever. Definitely not interested in MMA (or striking in general), and not looking for daycare. The goal is high quality instruction and intense training.

I'd appreciate any leads that I can pass along.

8/10/2016 7:13am,
I'm looking into this for Rick as well. I have 1 Polish training partner I reached out to.

Edit: I sent him 2 schools.

8/10/2016 8:31am,
well, that's unexpectedly convenient.

Sam Losco
8/12/2016 4:33pm,
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8/14/2016 12:35pm,
Gorila Academy is definitely worth looking into. I've went there a couple of months last year and the BJJ instruction was great; and English friendly (though not in English). I'm not entirely sure if they have kiddy classes though.