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7/04/2016 2:59pm,
https://www.scribd.com/document/317456612/Historical-Chinese-Arrest-Technique-Handbook-1979-%E6%93%92%E6%95%8C%E6%8A%80%E6%9C%AF%E6%95%99%E6%9 D%90

All of percentage symbols are because the Chinese characters for the book are in the file header.

It's an interesting document. Published in 1979 (or there about), it marks the end of an era, when Tasers and zip ties for bundling up a suspect were not in the Chinese inventory of options. The binding of a suspect with a rope is a continuation of techniques that might have been in the inventory of security personnel for 6,000 years, but then with rapid modernization the emphasis and training bleeds out of the inventory of skills and is maintained by fewer and fewer people.

This book is very similar to a second work from this period, except the second work includes the form training formalized in Qingdiquan. Known as "Arrest Boxing," the form used in the 1979 period was based on Bajiquan. I don't see it in this manual, which makes me think that standardization of training documents was not fully implemented yet. During the modernization period after 1983, when the Armed Police were made their own structure again, Karate-style and Boxing-style techniques were introduced into the forms / pattern training.

If you're interested to do some personal research, the title of the arrest hand book is 擒敌技术教材. Qingdiquan is 擒敌拳. I usually get a lot of miles out of using search engines with an images option with these characters, and then follow the information trail.

The history of combatives and human performance is a wonderful study.