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6/16/2016 9:01am,
I have always loved the cartoon "Ranma 1/2". The method of the saotome school of anything goes is the same of cross-training. Which is the best kind of cross-training to get a "Ranma-fighting style"?

For example can i assume there must be judo, karate or nippon kempo etc. since he wears a white gi with a black belt and often uses throws (judo), straight line punches (shotokan karate) etc.? Maybe a style of kung fu with a lot of kicks? Maybe muay thai? What do you think is the best combination of arts? (For example: judo + this style of karate + this style of kung fu...). I hope you can help me :)

6/16/2016 12:08pm,
If you like Ranma's "anything goes martial arts", maybe you should try JKD.

10/15/2016 8:41pm,
"Anything Goes" or "Indiscriminate Grappling," is just a fictional platform for any hybrid martial art which were starting to become more and more popular in the 80s when Ranma 1/2 was made. As Money said in his(?) post, you can try JKD, but really any HMA would be an appropriate answer to your question.

What is more important is not getting a "Ranma-like" style, but developing a hybrid style that is suited to you. Find a style you like (if you haven't already) and become proficient with it. Then you can start to add to it from other styles, whether they be eastern, western, or whatever. That's what I did, training exclusively in one art (karate) until I became at least moderately proficient, and now adding to it by also going to various seminars and camps that involved instructors in different arts, such as Aikido, boxing, Arnis, etc., and figuring out what worked for me and what didn't. It is a /very/ long road - one that I'm still just beginning really - to develop your own personal style, but in the end is very worthwhile. And once you strip out the fiction and other stuff, that's exactly what Ranma did in the end.