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A full copy of the 1965 People's Liberation Army (PLA) hand-to-hand combat manual. This pre-Cultural Revolution publication reflects much of the Soviet body of training for military personal combat from the 1940s. During the 1940s and early-1950s there was a lot of Soviet investment in training in the Chinese military and security services. Then there was a falling out and a termination of the relationship. In 1966, with the Cultural Revolution, there was a re-emphasis on Chinese Wushu in the PLA. Post-1966 publications reflect this.

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This link may work for you. The original link is giving people a "file removed" return to the query.

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The Scribd link has been unlocked. Their algorithm thought it was spam. They were very gracious and understood it was a historical document, correcting the misunderstanding almost immediately upon notification of the error.

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Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing!

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If you have the mind to do homework on these things out of personal interest or personal development, this is a useful search term in Chinese characters: 军警实用格斗术. It translates in Google as "military practical fighting technique." When combined with other terms or year dates the pages and image results returned can provide the student/devotee/hobbyist with some useful references.

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Aurinegro04, you are welcome. I'm an old historian by training and look for the threads of history and influence behind many of the things discussed in the forums. I spent a couple of years finding an original of the 1965 document, and then a day scanning, proof reading/editing the document, and getting it on to the net for others interested in the history of military and police / security services combat training in the 20th century.