View Full Version : Any one about Feint's techniques?

4/05/2016 8:09am,
Well if any of you give some suggestions about feints tactics in mma?

Nutcracker, sweet
4/05/2016 8:37am,
I assume you're talking about feinting as a technique, not a fighter named Feint. I've moved your post to a more appropriate forum, based on that.

4/05/2016 12:02pm,
A feint has to actually resemble a credible attack in range and execution, or the opponent won't respond to it. I've seen lots of feints that are nowhere near the correct range.

4/05/2016 9:25pm,
The best feints work when you have a tech that works from a jab,cross, hook, kicks to the legs and or body. Landings strikes to the head or body, allows to fake the strike and shoot low for a take down. You can fake whatever that has repeatly worked. Watch a boxing match and you will see many feints by both boxers. Joe

4/06/2016 6:53am,
I find it tends to be useful to use feints that are straight into the eyes (like a jab), or on the periphery of the vision (like a leg kick). This seems to be more likely to trigger reflex reactions.

4/09/2016 8:29pm,
I was at the bookstore today. There was a book called Muay Thai counters. It had a whole section on feints. If you're interested I'll see if I can find a link on amazon

4/09/2016 9:33pm,
Muay Thai Counter Techniques: Competitive Skills and Tactics for Success by Christoph Delph.

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