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3/27/2016 3:53pm,
Because this is related to Chinese security training, and the Heilongjiang Armed Police Corps is referenced in the text, I put it in the The Armory portion of the Forum.


It is an interesting link that led to several hours of using on-line translation pages and playing around with key words to narrow subject headings for searches. The topic of the blog page was Black Dragon 18 Hands. It is supposedly deadly -- and scanned images of the form are provided by the blog poster who admits to wanting to practice it, but for health benefits.

The images looked familiar, and I actually found originals of the images, but I don't have the ability to read the document in hard copy. This required finding the information in soft copy so that on-line translation software could be used. The original images are in a three volume set of manuals for private security guard training.
Security Guards Fight Series - The palm chops fight law - the power to dominate the martial arts world palm essence.
ISBN: 7810512064 EAN: 9787810512060
ISBN: 7810512080 EAN: 9787810512084
ISBN: 7810512072 EAN: 9787810512077
The usual references to being developed by a service member, but the movements are no longer allowed to be used by service members or armed policemen -- they are too deadly to use. However, I doubt that. It sounds like something that was developed in-house as a sideline effort by an officer in the 1970s and 1980s and that it gained some fame by rumor and not by official induction into the training plan. By 1997, the deadly Black Dragon 18 Hands form ends up in the Security Guards Fight Series (three volumes).

The Chinese character search brought up several pages referencing this powerful (er.. deadly) training. And, they refer to esoteric training methods to develop chi and lethality. It simply shows the mysterious is always a selling option for instructors.

The three volume set was developed during the period of China's modernization of the private security industry. The material is almost 20 years old, and China has changed dramatically. The private security industry is developing and professionalizing for domestic and international operations, as has the private security industry in Europe and North America. The books, and their content, reflect a transitional period. But, that fact that the Black Dragon 18 Hands keeps showing up reflects that the mystical walks with martial arts training, not matter what continent people come from. People keep looking for power.

3/27/2016 10:31pm,
So...is this a style, or a form, or?

3/28/2016 10:14am,
Permalost, good question. The form is attached in images on the Chinese forum: http://8595.yang.blog.163.com/blog/s...0628101312266/ There are clearer images of the form that can be found in Google search. These are the characters: 黑龙十八手. The images from the Chinese blog can also be seen in that search.

However, beyond the form (which looks like many katas/forms), in the three volume security guard training book set there is a lot of traditional conditioning and "chi" / qi training instruction. So, you are right. It looks like a larger training program which included traditional esoteric power development beyond the simple form. Some of the instruction would be physically useful, and some of it is just more traditional thinking that is simply present because of belief and the power of tradition in a culture.

When I started the post, I was thinking of the form. The history of martial arts (inclusive of its definition as military skills) is a wonderful study. Constrained by age, I am long past rough play and sparring, but forms are enjoyable exercise and remain of value, independent of esoteric baggage. The Chinese park exercises are therapeutic motion. Combine this with my background as a historian by training, evenings end up becoming opportunity for continuing the personal study of these practices across history -- the who, what, where, why, and how.

It's a huge waste of time at one level, because chores go undone. However, the continuing hobby study is useful on other levels -- and I try to share what I find.

Thank you for helping to clarify the post by your well-focused question.