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Douglas Nesmith
2/13/2016 3:39pm,
I have the opportunity to study at a local Gracie Barra school or with Luiz Palhares and don't know which to take. I'm 49 and just starting out. Mr. Palhares is super nice and has a world of knowledge but his class seemed much slower paced than the Bra is gym. It's probably great to get my feet wet but I want to get back in shape and stick with this, so just looking for opinions from anyone who may have studied under each

2/17/2016 5:17am,
Both are probably just fine. Go where you feel the most comfortable.

2/17/2016 6:58am,
Hi Douglas, welcome to Bullshido.

Assuming the GB gym is this one: http://gbjacksonville.com/, both places look good so try a couple of free classes at both clubs, if possible, and then decide.

IMO, at your age, if you are just starting out and are not in good shape I'd personally go with the slower paced.

2/17/2016 12:54pm,
Do what ever you're more likely to stick with.
Training at both schools is going to be good, so the environment that you like better is what is more important.

Just Started
2/23/2016 11:41pm,
Try both out stick around after class and see how the atmosphere is.

As far as pace goes you'll catch up, but make sure the people rolling respect your goals and don't try to break you to prove points.

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2/24/2016 1:49am,
I'd go with Palhares just so you don't have to buy the gym's shitty overpriced gear.