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5/15/2004 7:51am,
Just rented UFC numero uno for the second time. Here are my top ten reasons for loving it:

1. Seeing Teila Tuli's tooth fly out of his mouth in slo mo.
2. Zane Frazier saying that GOD is his advantage in the octagon.
3. All of the Royce nutriding. ;)
4. Jimmerson. All of it. (One glove, tapping to mount, etc...)
5. The interviewer being an ass to Kevin Rosier's trainer (promoter?)
6. Male announcers cutting of the chick announcer. (sexist much...?)
7. Pat Smith going to guard. (Where'd he learn that!?)
8. Kenny's staredowns.
9. Gordeau tapping like, 15 time 'cuz Royce wouldn't let the choke go.
10. "I'm going to Disneyland!".

5/15/2004 12:38pm,
Oh, and because it's the original, BABY!

5/15/2004 8:51pm,
Where can u rent UFCs? Blockbuster doesent carry them do they?

5/15/2004 9:01pm,
I'm lucky. The 'Dial-a-Movie' down the street from me has a bunch of the old UFCs, the World Combat Championships (there was only one), and Extreme Fighting 1, 2, and 3. There is also a Roger's Video not too far away that has a couple UFCs (including the 'Ultimate Shamrock' collection) and some early KOTCs. If Blockbuster doesn't carry them try a different chain, or a smaller non-chain store.

5/15/2004 9:13pm,
my blockbuster has ufc 1. but hollywood video had a bunch of them. All old though.

5/16/2004 9:08pm,
i just downloaded the VCD, good stuff!

5/16/2004 9:15pm,
Anybody have their favourite parts they'd like to share?

5/16/2004 9:36pm,
ken tapping and wondering why he still couldnt breath

5/16/2004 10:22pm,
The way, by Royce's second fight, his opponents starting acting like rabid weasels in a sack rather than get taken to the ground. And how they still got taken to the ground.

Also, how by UFC 2, suddenly EVERYONE did ground.

5/17/2004 2:38pm,
My favorite part was Ken Shamrock tapping like a little biitch in 52 seconds and then almost not honoring the tap.

That heel hook on Pat Smith was also nice.

5/17/2004 3:17pm,
I liked the interview with the guy who knocked the Sumo dude's tooth out.
It's been years since I've seen it, but I think it went something like:
Q: What was your plan?
A: To hit him on the face

5/17/2004 3:34pm,
I want to see the early UFCs again..

serious harm
5/17/2004 4:35pm,
Quote from Bill wallace about the Pat Smith Ken Shamrock fight-

" No one wants to lose to an ankle lock, there's no glory in it."

5/17/2004 9:18pm,
when ken goes for the leg lock and royce mounts him

5/18/2004 1:37am,
Oh yeah, guys! Awesome stuff that I forgot all about. Keep 'em coming.

5/18/2004 1:55am,
UFC sells UFC's 1-10 in a box set for only $90. VHS only though.

UFC Box Sets (http://store.ufc.tv/store/myProducts.cfm?CFID=221076&CFTOKEN=48688595&parentcategoryid=11%7CVideo&CategoryID=11|Video&vendoridtodisplay=0&filterFor=&startrow=41&collection=)