View Full Version : Focus in sparring, my biggest issue.

12/14/2015 7:30pm,
I basically joined this forum (though it doesn't seem particularly active) because I've been met with a lot of unsure answers in real life, or "that's on you" attitudes when asking how one prepares for sparring.
I have ADD, I've been training in a particular Kung Fu system which is pretty much a mix of traditional and MMA as it seems to me for about 9 months now.
I have better days and I have worse days but I am not approaching a point where I am beginning to actually spar on a regular basis instead of learning technique all the time.
Some days, I rock, I score on much higher ranks than I, I respond well and my instincts and brain work together and it just feels great.
But when I'm off, I'm off, my instincts sense something is off and force me to stay out of range, when I push past it I just feel like I'm in the danger zone and react terribly and am always on the defensive and I've never successfully overcome this.
Is there something you do to put yourself in the right mind for sparring?

12/23/2015 4:55am,
Just accept that some days you are the hammer and other days you are the nail. The basics are to make sure your diet and exercise regiment are on point. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. I know for me I noticed that weekday nights I was on point and weekend mornings I was dead. So on the weekends before training I would wake up a few hours before training have a good breakfast and wake my body up and that fixed my focus on Weekend mornings. Lastly, during rounds have a specific goal in mind, not just "winning the round" Find a setup you been working on and try to hit it. If you hit it you had a good round otherwise you didn't.

12/23/2015 8:32am,
Some days, I rock, I score on much higher ranksAre any of these guys or gals really trying to punch you in the face or are they trying to score a point? IMHO, that would make a huge difference in how I answer your question.

Is there something you do to put yourself in the right mind for sparring?When I spar, the people I am training with are trying to punch me in the head and body. The main thing that puts me in the right mindset for this type of sparring is the desire to not get punched in the head or body. Just like any other activity, you need good nutrition, adequate rest, physical conditioning, cardio, and technique training. There are people who meditate, others psych themselves up and then there are some like me who do a few warm-ups and jump in. You have to find what works for you.

1/27/2016 4:21am,
As Plasma wrote. somedays you get it right and flow. Other days you are not there. you need both. If you always "score" then you won´t learn. Use the bad sparring and learn from them. What did you do wrong, analyze the fights and ask your sparring partners what they where doing to score on you.
In what position did you get tappet out/lost? find techiques from that position and sparr from there. Get rid of your weak spots.