View Full Version : Just...WTF, man? Really?

11/28/2015 3:18am,
Jesus Jumped Up On A Pogo Stick Christ. Are there people who just get up in the morning and look for something to feign being offended over so that they can feel...I have no damn idea what they want to feel. Just...****. It's fucking peanut butter and chocolate which are delicious together. Just eat the goddman thing for fucks sake. I mean, seriously...fuckin' come on..first it's red cups and now this. **** man...fuckity **** in a fucking blowhole ****.


11/28/2015 8:08am,
I got one of those jumbo sized peanut butter cups as a Christmas gift once. "Gift" is also the German word for poison. Coincidence?

Holy Moment
11/28/2015 8:19am,
They're not offended, just amused and feigning disappointment as a joke.

The real travesty here is that the media felt the need to do a story on what probably amounts to five guys posting sarcastic comments on Twitter. But hey, I understand, you gotta put something in the news.