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11/20/2015 1:19pm,
The attached a partial PDF from a Chinese website. The PDF is an unarmed form (kata) published in the early-2000 period. The form is for security personnel, probably private security. With the modernization of China since Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations in the 1980s, segments of society have come out of formerly state run control, and private security is one of those areas. As the industry developed, a series of privately authored publications like this one have come out over the decades, although recently the books reflect more realistic detention and arrest training, or self-defense against weapons. Many books also cover correct public interaction as private security, and basic law, safety, and first aid training.

The translated book title is Chinese Police Enemy Martial Skills (中国军警制敌擒拿格斗绝技), ISBN: 9787801856159. It was published in 2006, and is currently out of print.

The contents of the book reflect martial arts training for security work, which makes me think it is more about security work than it is for police work. In life, there seem to be a lot of books that are incorrectly titled. For example, strike training against bamboo poles is probably not in any current police training program in China.

11/20/2015 4:53pm,
It's amazing. No matter how careful I try to be, error walks with me. This PDF also includes the baton (stick) form (kata/pattern).