View Full Version : Survey: What ruleset do you traditionally use while training?

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5/09/2016 12:26pm,
Generally, we use what amounts to the freestyle judo ruleset + straight leglocks, or I guess you could say sport sambo + chokes. It is the most all-inclusive thing we could do. Then, if there's a particular competition coming up, we'll switch to that specific ruleset for a week or two.

5/28/2016 10:03am,
The only big rules in our gym are no flying scissor takedowns and no heel hooks on white belts. It's pretty liberating. We're a 10th Planet and CSW affiliate, so there's a fair amount of toe holds, neck cranks, etc. in our curriculum.

9/17/2016 11:41am,
With other people my rank, Its usually everything goes. But with whitebelts I will use the Ibjjf standard, until they try a kneebar, then RIP partners legs

9/17/2016 3:10pm,
From what I can tell we don't adhere to any particular rule set other than don't be a dick head.
Wrist locks, compression locks, leg locks, toe holds/presses, all seem to be fine for any belt level as long as you know what your doing.

When a tournament is coming up, coach will remind us what is illegal in that particular rule set and when he teaches a technique that might be illegal he lets us know that "IBJJF white belts can't use this" or whatever. He also emphasizes points for positions, but I roll my eyes and ignore that.