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10/01/2015 5:02am,
Hello everyone,

My name is Stefano, I live in Japan but I'm actually from Italy.

I've started practicing here Byakuren Karate which is an interesting style in my humble opinion, so since I've noticed there's not a lot of information in English on the Web I made a Wikipedia page.

I'd like to share with you what I have done, I can't post links so you can easily find the page googling "wiki Byakuren Kaikan".

Sadly, after a few days since its creation, it has already been proposed for deletion, even though I provided references and translated personally from original Japanese sources.

So if anyone of you knows more about this style or could provide support directly on Wikipedia I would greatly appreciate it. Please support this project on the discussion page!

Thank you for your attention and I hope there will be more chances to know more martial arts styles in the future and no tendency to suppress those there are not yet well know as in this case.