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9/20/2015 5:40pm,
These two PDF documents come from an encyclopedia published by the Chinese People's Public Security University Press in 2000. The material comes from the 1990s, with the final assembly date being 1999. The original was 1,226 pages in length and covered common combat methods found in manuals from around the world. Only 5,000 copies were published. These two documents reflect some core People's Armed Police training from the 1980s and 1990s. I did not do the scans, which were done in DjVu format which would not load into the forum. These were originally professionally scanned with archival quality in China.

The People's Armed Police perform many functions, but most commonly they can be found performing a gendarme-equivalent role in public security. During peace time they do many maintenance of the public peace work roles. During war time, like the French gendarme, they perform rear area security and light infantry work in counter-guerrilla roles.

For students of military history, military science, and police science, images like these reflect training and doctrine from a specific periods in Chinese history when it was developing from the post-Cultural Revolution period into the current era where it is a global power with police forces that have modernized. Today, many police carry stun guns and other standard police gear and may not need to rely on personal combat as much as they did only 20 years ago.

Wounded Ronin
10/24/2015 4:21am,
As a history lover, I really enjoyed your PDF.

I don't read Chinese though and the pictures looked basically like typical traditional kungfu with deep stances. I had been expecting to see diagrams showing how to restrain or subdue people, but instead it looks like a simple kungfu manual. In all the illustrations, only one person is shown, and never an opponent or victim.

Do you think someone could read this manual and then be ready to hit the streets as a peace officer?