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Holy Moment
9/06/2015 7:25am,
I be doing research on all the MMA events that occurred. I came across this gem on the Chute Boxe Twitter page:





A few months before the first UFC, a Chute Boxe team consisting of MMA striking legend Pele, Anderson Silva murder target (http://www.mmamania.com/2012/4/27/2980858/anderson-silva-shotgun-rafael-cordeiro-biography-ufc-148-brazil) Rafael Cordeiro, Gilbert Yvel shank victim Fabio Piemonte, and journeyman Nilson de Castro took on a bunch of Capoeira pussies inside the Vale Tudo ring. The capo guys eschewed their usual fancy kicking strategies for the much more effective method of repeatedly attempting to throw their opponents out of the ring. Despite this logical approach to combat, the Chute Boxe guys won every match.

Ice Hole
9/06/2015 11:13am,
Long fist beats low kick.

Dead on balls accurate.


9/06/2015 2:53pm,
What's up with the sucker punch at the end of the first video?

Holy Moment
9/06/2015 4:06pm,
What's up with the sucker punch at the end of the first video?

Honor and dignity are for pussies.

big maclol
9/06/2015 11:55pm,
They not have that real BRASIL capoeira!


Mr. Machette
9/07/2015 11:32pm,
I don't know what surprised me more. That the ref let Pele viciously mollywop tha guy for four straight minutes or that the dude just soaked it up like a bag of tomatoes.