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5/13/2004 11:09pm,
Anyone here with any experiance in any African martial art besides Capoeira? How effective are they? Very little is talked about. Maybe they could be the new BJJ

5/13/2004 11:17pm,
Ethnic hype and multiculturalism is where its at!

Effectiveness? Noooo clue. BTW - train alive. Thats all it is. If it doesn't work it will change to work quickly if you train properly. Look at the buttons above - try the 'search' function.

Oh... STFU Noob, and welcome to bullshido.

Box Blast K.O.
5/13/2004 11:59pm,
Originally posted by Nightz
Anyone here with any experiance in any African martial art besides Capoeira? How effective are they? Very little is talked about. Maybe they could be the new BJJ

Isn't Capoeira Brazillian? I haven't seen alot of African MA, but from what I've seen it is weapon based Zulu style.

5/14/2004 12:06am,
This thread begs for racist jokes.

5/14/2004 12:48am,
Go talk to Angry Spastic

5/14/2004 12:59am,
Capoeira originates from Angola. Not Brazil.

5/14/2004 1:31am,
Someone all Dave Chappelle

5/14/2004 2:46am,
Originally posted by Nightz
Capoeira originates from Angola. Not Brazil.

Wrong. Capoeira is a BRAZILIAN art with African Influence. If it actually DID come from angola then you should find pple doing something similar there, but you don't.

Finding REAL African MA is hard to do in the states. What you mostly get is Karate and Kung Fu in a kinte cloth pasted off as Af MA. I have actually seen a few practiced in their native land (wrestling and stick fighting) and they seem pretty effective but mostly practiced for sport. However many still use asagai and other native weapons along with their AK47s and machetes to settle disputes.

5/14/2004 3:44am,
Im waiting for someone to work the words "Testa" , and "Headbutt" into romoteley intelligible sentances ... that will get this Thread off to a Bad Start proper .

Toby Christensen
5/14/2004 6:37am,
Yes, Testa is the national art of Eritrea, taught to men only. It's a game, a dance and a martial art.

African arts seem to consist largely of wrestling or stickfighting, but there are knife, sword, spear and headbutting styles as well as others.

Some of the African immigrants in Brisbane who have this knowledge should open up schools. Save us all from the McDojo karatekas and the JKD wannabes.

I dunno whether I would be able to stand up to the conditioning Testamen have to go through, nor whether they'll teach a disabled white man. But they seem absolutely lovely.

The only "African" art taught formally in Brisbane apart from Capoeira is by a member of the Lost Tribe of Shabazz. He has some funny ideas (knows groundfighting, but won't teach or apply it) and he has some funny ideas about women and religion and diet.

The African Francophone Games for the Handicapped have "African wrestling" listed as one of their activities. I'd kill to learn that.

5/14/2004 6:56am,
I doubt you will find any LEGIT African MA in the US, not impossible, but it may be quite the search.
Mostly, like what is happening with pankration, what is being taught is a hybrid system(s) with african influence.

Most, if not all, African MA are tribal in nature, the only African Nation to have some SORT of systemised MA would be Egypt and even THAT is controversial.

Stick to whatever MA you find works best for you and you LIKE and IF you are interested in African culture, study it.

5/14/2004 6:58am,

Some interesting edged weapons in the gallery. I'd love to see the techniques used when employing them. Many have several cutting edges, utilising them all must incorporate some impressive footwork.

5/14/2004 3:09pm,

Click on "Dr. Jones."

5/14/2004 3:18pm,
Okay , How did I know that he would have Black Belts , and se Japanese Weapons , and have a Ripped Midsection ? Oh , and that he trained Militairy , and "Kumite" champions of nonexistant Kumites ? AND that he would have a Catchy Acronym in there somewhere (team P.U.N.C.H. ???)

Oh , And "Comba-T(h)ai" isnt a mixture of "Combat" and "Muay Thai" to make it sound cool ... NO NO NO its a REAL AFRICAN WORD !


5/14/2004 3:23pm,
Originally posted by DuckofDeath

Click on "Dr. Jones."

This is fucking ridiculous

Just checked the photo gallery. LOL

5/14/2004 3:51pm,
The people who brought Capoeira were not born in brazil.
Here is a quote I got from a capoeira site "Capoeira Angola began in Central Africa, in the area that includes the current states of Zaire (now Republic of Congo) and Angola. It was carried to Brazil during the horrendous Middle Passage."
Link http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/americartes/expresiones_latinas/capoeira.html