View Full Version : Portugal in Sept. Who wants to kick my arse...

Cake of Doom
7/28/2015 9:32am,
... And then grab a beer?

Going to be in Portugal (Faro) from the 19th - 26th if there are any local (or just any) bullies that fancy rolling around with a man?


Cake of Doom
7/31/2015 10:31am,
Bollocks to the lot of you then! I'm going to do lots of kata and cry-drink a lukewarm beer!

I don't need you!

8/06/2015 7:55am,
Next time spend your holidays in the Viana do Castelo area so I can provide you enough Estrella de Galicia instead of Super Bock.

Cake of Doom
8/18/2015 2:42pm,
Just my luck to pick a spot at the opposite end of the country to the nearest bully. I shall bear that in mind for next year.

Estrella rules!