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The Villain
7/17/2015 4:52pm,
Mods can stick this in YMAS if they wish. It's not an investigation, but a reflection on investigations.

So, recently, a third party site put out a Bullshido/McDojo imitation piece. I attacked, as he'd attacked my instructor. Blind loyalty. I told him to stop talking about the embezzled funds and claimed that I knew he hadn't stolen them. I didn't know ****. I knew SOME of the funds had reached their destination, but could I account for 100%? No, I couldn't. I attacked anyways. After some months, the instructor's true colors were shown. I don't know about the money, but I learned about his word and his character. The investigator, a former student of mine, who I am very proud of, can never go back to the academy. On paper, they'd take him back. But he'll never repent, nor compromise. Nor should he. I was later myself denounced by the same academy. I joined the Ronin.

A few weeks later, this team also denounced and fired, Oden, our current (?) head of investigations. As a founder of our investigation's branch, and MABS itself, along with Anthony Abuan as well as the administration of those eras, I have the following to say;

Bullshido, gains nothing from you attacking your business competitors or lesser fighters. This is worthless. Who would't attack? The essence of investigations is then impartiality. This is both a guide and a warning. To those that consider themselves and/or are tagged as investigators, understand that you have a duty to act against your own self interests at times. Otherwise, what good are you? Some guy comes through your dojo looking to trade cash for belts? Some guy comes through with a record for domestic terrorism? SAY SOMETHING.

As a warning; You probably don't need to fly the Bullshido/McDojo Investigator flag. If you choose to do so, understand, I've been here for ten years. I'm telling you that if you do so, you will have enemies. If you do your duty and report the activity in your martial arts community, you will be ostracized and denounced, if not attacked with physical violence. That is the price of investigations. Thank you, to the other investigators, past, present and future, and our new recruits.

7/17/2015 7:10pm,
Had to step off the horizon myself for awhile. Partly for self (responsibility to family) and to some degree, partly for the site.

Don't have a tag, don't need a tag and don't forget there are times when what's right isn't necessarily what's best for self.

Life's not fair but what goes around comes around.

2.5 years and counting down.

Shitty people stink.

The Villain
7/17/2015 8:29pm,
It is what it is.

7/17/2015 9:29pm,
A big thanks goes.out to all the investigators for taking their own personal time and put up.with all the nonsense from the people they investigate.

The Villain
7/17/2015 10:10pm,
I can't edit the original post, as I resigned as a mod years ago, but I don't at all mean this thread as a glorification of myself, should anyone get confused on the matter. I'm an asshole. And Investigation's sucks. They are not mutually exclusive.