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5/13/2004 3:37pm,
Lol, i was looking online for training equipment, and I found "economy training bags."

Economy Training Bag (http://www.goldentiger.com/ectrainbag.html)

That thing must explode after 5 kicks.

5/13/2004 3:43pm,
Go to the Army surplus and get an army duffel and fill with old rags. Works like a charm. Cost should be less than $20.

5/13/2004 3:44pm,
Get your own ICON!! I was here first!

5/13/2004 3:50pm,

5/13/2004 3:53pm,
on a similar, but not really related note, does anyone know if the Powerline series of wavemasters is better than the basic one? I read all the threads about wavemasters not being able to withstand a good kick, sliding around, leaking etc, but the powerline is supposed to have double thickness padding.

or is it just the same crap with another minutes worth of foam in it.

5/13/2004 4:18pm,
I ordered the wavemaster XXL off ebay yesterday for $185 shipped. A number of people on here have given it good reviews (though a hanging bag is still much prefereable).

5/13/2004 11:20pm,
The XXL looks impressive...let us know how it works out.

5/14/2004 3:59pm,
We have a Wavemaster XXL at the dojo where I train at. It's a pretty big, beefy bag and it can take a lot of punishment, however because of the large striking surface and small base, the bag has a tendency to slide around a lot on the tile floor we have (the no-skid cover does NOTHING).

Also, like most cylindrical bags, straight attacks are not recommended (Front Kick, Reverse Punch, etc...)

However if you want a great bag to practice round kicks on, you can't get any better than that!

Personally, I like B.O.B. myself. Nothing beats a person-shaped target to work your accuracy.

5/14/2004 4:36pm,
lol i just got a funny idea. think i can put on like 3 shinpads on each leg and just wack at a metal pole like a fence?

5/14/2004 6:11pm,

5/14/2004 7:08pm,
My original wavemaster has more holes in it than systema. It filled with sand now but it wont be long before I thrash it.
I'm just going to get a banana bag and hang it from a tree.