View Full Version : Is this a good Indianapolis BJJ school?

7/12/2015 10:39am,
Here is they're website. The main coach is Marcello Montiero, but he is rarely there (attending seminars and what not, or so i've read)...I've also read that the other guys are beasts.

indianapolisbjjcoach . com

So for 4 classes per week at 1 - 1.5 hours is $119 per month.

6 classes per week is $138 per month.

The gi is $220. You have to pay $35 for extra belts and there are also certain videos created by Marcello himself that are optional (I believe).

There is a year long contract or a 2 year contract.

The 2 year contract comes with the first 30 days free, plus $50 dollars off of the uniform.

I've heard that Marcello is pretty legit, training fighters such as Antonio Nogueira, BJ Penn, among others who have gotten their black belts in Indianapolis.

Its only half a mile from where I live as well so thats a big plus.

Any opinions? Should I jump on this? I have no ground training/grappling experience by the way.