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5/12/2004 3:58pm,
having seen all the suggestions regarding boxing gloves/bags , just wondering if any of the stick fighters out there can point me in the direction of some good gloves for full contact fighting, the ones ive got at the mo are basically glorified cricket gloves and ive bust 2 fingers through em in a week.


5/12/2004 4:11pm,
I think they usually use hockey gloves.

5/12/2004 4:26pm,
Note: Inexperienced rant follows...

I bet Lacrosse gloves would be great! Just like hockey gloves but the best ones are a little lighter and cooler.

Wow these are cool: http://www.lacrossegiant.com/lacrosse-gloves.html

Also here is a Dogbrothers' store they sell gloves halfway down the page: http://www.bloodsport.com/product.htm

5/13/2004 1:37am,
I use ice hockey gloves. The thumb needs to be taped up so that its always against the armour, and there is a gap along the little finger that needs extra padding putting on it. The only problem is that you can't grapple in them.

5/13/2004 2:11am,
Lacrosse Gloves with the palm cut out.

5/13/2004 4:09am,
We only wear gloves when in competing or training for a comp'. The ones we use are hockey gloves though I have seen other schools using cricket gloves. Cricket gloves actually have no padding between the joints and that's why the people who want to hurt you aim there.

It's not exsactly sportsman like but its all about winning, right? :D

In short I recommend (ice)Hockey gloves, though shop around for the best types/prices.

5/13/2004 9:57am,
thanks guys

i was wondering how i got two broken little fingers (i guess some guys do anything to win...)

5/13/2004 12:27pm,
Lacrosse gloves are specifically designed for Iroquois stickgrappling, which is called "Lacrosse" in French.


5/13/2004 2:18pm,
lacrosse gloves are the best ones for stick fighting

5/13/2004 2:35pm,
Use boxing mits.. :)