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4/13/2015 3:53pm,

I recently saw the topic of people accusing (or thinking aloud) that some posters are impostors. Especially in the recent "Wolf Style" and "KKFI New Fraud Alert" threads. At some point it was even suggested that Wolf Style Grand Master Rey Emmanuel (a 17 or 84 year old vampire using FawnStyle's account) is also preachchrist alias Mr. Rodriguez of the divine academy of Kaiju... Kashoo ... some style.

My question is: Is there a policy to verify such claims?

If not, wouldn't it be a viable approach to contact the accused persons via a researched (not provided) contact, e.g. email, to check if they confirm posting under a certain account?

While this might give frauds the opportunity to deny what has been said so far (and therefore should be done before the fraud is feeling cornered), it would also make people aware if someone is using their name to be a troll.

If the investigated person is claiming not to post under said account and approves banning the account, it should be done so. But if that's going too far, the said account should be further approached as being an impostor, and investigated as such.

I don't know s**t about your practices except for what I read in some investigations (like W.O.M.A.A.C.A) but also couldn't find anything about the impostor problem in the investigation guidelines.

Enlighten a noob and tell me what's up!

Oh, and completely OT: How is the policy in this forum concerning copyright, e.g. using images on top of threads?


4/14/2015 3:16am,
We have some Voodoo in the site that points out Dup Accounts.

As for FawnStyle and PreachChrist. While in the same city, it looks be different computers/people. At least for now.

4/14/2015 4:26am,
OK. I also saw that you found out PreachChrist and prachchrist had the same IP. Still, it wasn't clear if the claims of PreachChrist being the real Mr. Rodriguez and prachchrist being an impostor were true until that with the IP - a mistake easily avoided by a good troll.

I'm well aware that the real Mr. Rodriguez would NOW use such a confirmation question to deny everything, no matter what the real facts are. Still, it buggers me a bit.