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Christmas Spirit
3/04/2015 9:11pm,
This is an article I ran across today on booKfacE. It is subtitled :
"In which Sam Harris teaches me Brazilian jiu-jitsu and explains why violence is like rebirth "

While it is not specifically about skepticism or martial arts it is definitely worth reading as it is a non-religious but almost spiritual or meditative look at BJJ training, competition, and violence in general.


... also I had no idea Sam Harris is a blue belt in BJJ...

A week later, Harris tutored me in his other passion: meditation. The introduction left me with an even greater sense of spiritual discomfort than the ass-kicking. And after 20 minutes of struggling to banish the voices in my head and clear my mind, I felt just as winded as I had at the Gracie Academy. The experience did, however, offer some insight into why Harris might crave a daily routine of silent reflection. He has, after all, chosen a life of wandering the Earth getting in unwinnable arguments with unyielding people. Perhaps this leaves him with an unusual need for peace, quiet, and answers.

“The sort of satisfaction one hopes to achieve in intellectual debate is always elusive,” said Harris, referring to his public disputations with various professional Christian apologists. “I’ve had debates where it’s absolutely clear to me that my opponent has to tap out,” he told me. “They are wrong—just as demonstrably as you’re wrong when you’re being choked to death in a triangle choke.” (Which raises the possibility that, however calm and well-spoken Harris appears onstage with, say, Rick Warren, he may be silently imagining strangling the pastor into unconsciousness.) “It’s like they’ve turned into a zombie,” he continued. “You rarely get the satisfaction in intellectual life where the person who is wrong has to acknowledge and grow from the experience of having been self-deceived for so long.”

Christmas Spirit
12/06/2015 9:35pm,
Mr Harris also has a couple books out this year.

"Islam and the Future of Tolerance" which looks interesting and "Waking Up:A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion" which seems to strongly reflect the tone of the article I linked above.

12/07/2015 4:51am,
By the time he headed to Stanford for college, he [Harris] was studying and teaching ninjutsu

Once a ninja...