View Full Version : Move of the month prequal

Omega Supreme
5/12/2004 12:24am,
Hey guys, I'm changing the pace this month and putting up a striking combo. Please understand I spent awhile trying to get the right pictures and they didn't come out right. I'll be explaining as best as I can and they will be displayed according to difficulty. Also I have pulled every single one of the moves off in my fights so please don't doubt weather they work or not.

If you are a pure striker and are not allowed to do take downs only take a look at beginner and intermediate. If you are interested in MMA combo for take downs look at the advanced and intermediate.

PS. I didn't show any leg block combos as I'm sure most of you are aware of how to do leg blocks. Munem is my punching dummy btw.

Mr. Mantis
5/12/2004 9:13am,
Cool! If you get to feeling adventurous, lay down a "kick and punch" counter for us.