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Remo Williams
5/11/2004 7:30pm,
Say, it seems to me that amongst the various karate styles out there, the one that seems the get the most positive reviews from MMAers and others who train for fighting is Kyokushin. Could someone tell me why this is? It doesn't seem to me that Kykoshin techniques are all that different from other karate techniques, so what is it about Oyama's art that reflects more favrably in your eyes?

Deadpan Scientist
5/11/2004 7:30pm,
It's the contact sparring.

5/11/2004 7:31pm,
Yup, full contact sparring is the key.

5/11/2004 8:43pm,
No one trains harder than Kyokushinikai. Sigh... I wish I was kyokushinikai...

5/11/2004 8:53pm,
Yeah I went to a kyokushin school for one lesson just to have a look and let me tell ya, they train hard alright.Real fucking hard.

They have a strong emphasis on full contact sparring(no gloves), conditioning and harsh training which pushes its students.Remeber why Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin created it. He had trained in other karate styles aswell as Kung Fu. Yet he was dissatisfied with them. He created a system which focused on strength,speed,agility. Hence kyokushin was born.

5/11/2004 9:40pm,
Originally posted by Mouthfire
No one trains harder than Kyokushinikai. Sigh... I wish I was kyokushinikai...
As do I, As do I.....
Damn Santa Cruz and all it's hippies. Too small to have many varying styles. TKD, TKD, MT and BJJ, TKD, TKD, TKD. Sometimes i wish i lived in a big city. But then i think of some of the other things we are known for...

5/11/2004 9:42pm,
Christ Hannibal, last time you said that they were fat wimps.

In Kyokushin you get to do stuff like stand in a corner while some tough guy punches you in the gut. You can try to block. After a while you learn to move with the blow or take it. Then you get to do upside down pushups while someone holds your ankles... Kyokushin rules! (Thank goodness I'm in Kempo now:D)

5/11/2004 10:33pm,
Isn't Kempo Known for its groin strikes? Just a question,

5/11/2004 11:47pm,
There are some tough Kyokushin spin-offs too! Like my art: Shidokan and who could forget Sabaki.

5/12/2004 12:03am,
You're a Shidokan guy? Doh. I thought you were MT dude.

5/12/2004 2:52am,
yup theres nothing life full contact sparring with no punchs to the head..

5/12/2004 2:52am,
you're right Kyoukushin uses the same techniques as other karate styles (or even tkd for that matter).
The main difference is in the APPLICATION of the techniques : full power, full contact.
Even when doing kata powerful execution of techniques is a must.

5/12/2004 3:00am,
Originally posted by Hannibal
Yeah I went to a kyokushin school for one lesson just to have a look and let me tell ya, they train hard alright.Real fucking hard.

just how hard do they train anyways? cause i bet my muay place trains way harder..

2 hour class, first hour is

10 min skipping rope and various speeds
50 push ups
50 sit ups
180 counts of foot work drill jumping
back to 3 minutes of skipping rop
running the 10/10 9/9 8/8 7/7 of pushups and dips
back to 50 situps regular
25 on each side after
chin ups, as many as u can do..
low squats 50
deep knee hoping back and forth across the training floor
back to another 50 of squats

.... and on and on for 1 hour.. 1 hour non stop face pace..
streching for 5 minutes

then your have your actual 1 hour of technique which include alot of full power stiking with the punching bag..

end the class with 40 pushups and 40 situps fast as u can..

5/12/2004 3:27am,
Who cares? I'm sure there are kyokushin dojos that train just as or harder than you muay thai gym.

Anywho, my instructor was a Sabaki Challenge heavyweight champ... I can't remember what year though.

5/12/2004 3:36am,
Johnny Boy,

My Kyokushin instructor as well as many others fought MT all the time, and won quite a bit. So STFU you Muay Thai *****!!!:P

Muay Thai is for FAGS!!! Johnny Boy is GAY! By GAY I mean RUMP RIDING RANGER!!!

Sorry folks there wasn't enought name calling on this thread. We can't have others think we have actual discussions now can we!:D

5/12/2004 3:36am,
Patfromlogan I said a couple of guys where fat.

But they still train hard with full contact allright. Are you guys being sarcastic when you say no one trains as hard as the Kyokushin ? Judo training is hard. A differnt type of conditioning than Kyokushin but its still hard on the body.