View Full Version : I hope there's a special place in heaven for heroes

1/31/2015 1:38pm,
The other day on the west side of The Big Island two kids died in a house fire. The kids had practiced fire escape, but when the home erupted in flames the five year old panicked and hid in the closet. His eleven year old brother went back to get him. They found his body over his little brother's, trying to protect him.


2/01/2015 3:45am,
Oh. Oh man. :( :( :(
I hope so too.

2/01/2015 9:31am,
I can't imagine what the rest of the family is going through.

2/01/2015 1:50pm,
If not in heaven he'll have one here for having such astronomical balls. The definition of having guts.

2/06/2015 7:19pm,
I can't imagine what the rest of the family is going through.

Of course they must be devastated, but they are also very proud: "Dexen's mom and aunt wrote a statement saying, "We're so proud of him and all he did." A followup article talked of the younger one's speech in church earlier the day they died. They are Mormons and believe the boys are with Jesus and their grandfather. The good news is that the community raised almost $30,000 for them in the first day of the fundraiser and they have been given a house nearby to live in until their place is rebuilt.

It would be nice to have the faith that I've seen Mormons possess. From the local news, [Six year old did a public prayer Sunday] "Kaeden's first ever in church four days ago. He started his speech with, "Jesus loved the little children, little ones like me. I have been born to two godly parents, three sisters and one brother."

It went on saying, "Heavenly father had Jesus create everything that's around you and me. He created animals that I love so much. The air we breathe, the flowers & trees, but most of all, I am happy for the plan he has for all of us. He loves us so much and wants us to return to live with him again. I want to be with my family in the eternities and I know you all do too.""

Damn, it's hard not to get teary eyed for me, I have a grandson about that age.

4/13/2016 1:57am,
A follow up. We took some Mainland visitors to Kahalu'u Beach Park in Kona to snorkel. The pavilion area was all taped off for a private party, big local family, lots of food, BBQing and talk story and obviously a big friendly supportive family. Turned out it was the family of the two boys, having their memorial, a couple months after their deaths. They'd been through some real hard times, but it looked like a strong gathering and it made sense that this was the type of family that produced such sons.