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5/10/2004 7:46pm,
I'm going to compete in a submission wrestling tourney on the 30th of May. The rules seem a bit different to most BJJ and sub wrestling tourneys in terms of points. Check out the rules below, and tell me what you think. Anybody competed with these rules before? Any strategies I should employ? Thanks fo' yo' time.

Here are the rules (http://www.combatathletics.com/rules.pdf).

Here is some more info (http://www.combatathletics.com/). (Look under the Events section).

5/13/2004 10:55am,
Come on, 36 views and no responses? QUIT LURKING. GRaaaaAAahghhjghhbbbfffphm....dotdot..

5/13/2004 10:56am,
Eat your wheaties

5/13/2004 10:59am,
Oh believe me, I am a wheaties eating machine.

5/13/2004 11:00am,
Hate to think a tourney fighter (as oppossed to a nut rider or bullshiter like Hannibal or me) is getting ignored. My plan would be to eat beans and wipe 'em out with methane.

5/13/2004 11:06am,

ive never done submission so i dunno man.. it doesnt look to me when i watch BJJ that there is much, just that the jocky for position and work with what they get at the time, be it arm bar or whatever..

I watched a muay thai master being asked what is the most useful thing to do in the ring and he said 'be calm' which i think is pretty good advice dont get too excited.. it may seem obvious but being relaxed and alert and ready is a big thing i think..

5/13/2004 11:19am,
Right, so gas myself up with beans and let one rip in the mount or guard? Gotcha.

5/13/2004 11:28am,
get the north south first.. then rip for all your worth boy!

5/13/2004 11:39am,
Different rules to what I'm used too. It looks like they are created to extend the time on the mat.

Just IMO.

5/13/2004 11:55am,
Extend mat time, eh? So you don't think there will be pressure to go for subs?

5/13/2004 11:58am,
Originally posted by chaosexmachina
Extend mat time, eh? So you don't think there will be pressure to go for subs?

Kinda weird bro. 1 point for back, 1 point for knee on belly, I would say it can go two ways. Subs and position.

I just dont' have enough experience to really give you the best advice. :(

5/13/2004 12:00pm,
Everything is one point?

Seems a little jacked.
Side, Knee, Mount, Knee, Side, Mount.

5/13/2004 12:01pm,
Vargas has lots of grappling tourney experience. PM him the link to the thread.

5/13/2004 12:11pm,
Done and done. And I mean done.

5/13/2004 12:41pm,
letz roll before your tournament ... then u can have some pratice .... how about next week ...

5/13/2004 1:08pm,
Let me know when you guys get together, I'll help with practice.