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5/10/2004 6:57pm,
I've heard lots of people say that they're stick fighting has helped them greatly in their un-armed stand up, my question is in what way does it help? I've heard lots of JKD people say it helped them learn how to trap. Also do you favor double short stick practice or single stick?

Omega Supreme
5/10/2004 9:51pm,
Teaches you how to take a hit. Get your head out of the way. I like double sticks.

5/10/2004 10:24pm,
Omega has it perfectly right.
The best thing that sticks and blades teach you is: 1) FOOTWORK Is vital to not get hit.
2) If you're hit, it will hurt like hell.
3) Protect the head at all costs.

I also preferr double sticks. In fact, in a fight with two sticks for every participant, if they are somewhat matched in level, there will be a lot less hits that on a singlestick fight. If they're not matched, prepare to see a very brief fight.

BTW, Omega, have you tried Espada y Daga?
What's your take on it?

5/11/2004 1:22am,
Dammit, how can I agree with Omega without sounding like some sort of Fanboy?

5/11/2004 1:33am,
Just sound like a fanboy.

5/11/2004 3:08am,
improves ur footwork

5/11/2004 4:16am,
I agree with pretty much everything that's been said. Footwork is the thing that I'd say improves the most. If you don't move you are pretty much dead.

I also prefer double stick, parry with one and finish with the other. Though single stick allows for those sneaky hand changes and unexpected overhand shots from the live hand.

The question wasn't aimed at me but "Espada y Daga" is alot of fun. Your movement has to be on and your offline near perfect to avoid running on to the blade. Passing the stick to finish is usually enough, them having a knife in the other hand changes the game completely.

My personal favourites are still the long axe and double short axes, mainly because my long foot work is better than my half steps.