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ketty pritty
9/28/2014 1:52pm,
My main experience is in Shorin Ryu Karate (Miyahira lineage). I've been doing that for over 9 years under some really awesome instructors (licensed, 8th dan, over 40 years experience each). Classes vary, depending on which class you are at (we have a couple of schools in the area, and different instructors at each). Class usually starts with kata, then moves to whatever the focus of the class will be. This could be kobudo, more kata, kihon, conditioning, bunkai, self defense, or sparring. Class lasts for 2 hours.

I also have trained in Aikikai Aikido, also with awesome people. Seeing that karate is mostly striking, I started in Aikido to broaden my horizons (throws and joint locks). I also enjoyed the fact that the throws were different then what we were doing in karate (most of our throws in karate are Judo based). Class usually begins with Aiki Taiso, then moves into the focus of the class.

Bonus material: I have also dabbled in Hapkido. A very good friend of mine is a Hapkido student, and now an assistant instructor at his school (he's now a 2nd dan). In college and since then I have had many trips to his school, both for class and seminars. A lot of shared material with the Aikido.

Bonus number two: I have some exposure to ZNKR Iaido, and to Jodo (one of my karate instructors also holds ranks in both). The Iaido kata I used to practice, but since suffering a knee injury and then breaking my ankle kneeling techniques have become near impossible for me. Still rebuilding leg strength and flexibility.
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