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Sam Browning
9/18/2014 11:06pm,
Since this forum has a fair number of limeys and Scots, I'm interested to hear what your take is on the vote across the water.

As you can tell by my last name, I'm of English extraction, but my forefathers came over so friggen long ago (before 1630) that I don't feel I have a dog in this fight.

My only thought was, that the Scotish Indie movement was underestimating the cost of creating a self defense force, including navy and airforce, mostly from scratch which would eat up their north sea oil money.


9/19/2014 8:27am,
Speaking from the English bit of the UK, it seemed that the maths involved in Scotland going alone just didn't seem to add up.

The SNP were counting a lot on deriving revenue from the North Sea (and probably over estimating how much oil is there) as well has having generous social spending. I didn't look there would be enough revenue to support all this.

In addition a number of companies suggested that in the event of a yes vote they would relocate south of the border due to concerns over Scotlands financial/legal position which would deny the new government potential tax revenue (how much of this was "spin" I don't know).

For me the real nail in the coffin was trying to keep the pound. I think that was madness-they would have no control over their own currency and would be dependent on the whim of the UK Trasury. If you want an example of this look at Portugal, Greece, Ireland etc which are linked to the Euro and haven't been able to devalue their currency to make themselves competative.

In terms of having a military to defend themselves I don't think practically any thought had been put into it. The SNP wanted to take some Scottish army regiments with them (no problem there) but the real issue would be over "heavy kit" (ships, aircraft and subs). Most of the UK's kit is around supporting NATO.

I'm assuming that they needed an armed force to defend their territory - in which case much of the UK's equipment would be total overkill (even if the UK let them have some). Much of the Royal Navy is around is around defending future UK carriers, amphibious operations abroad often supporting NATO and operating globally.

Scotland wouldn't need this kind of kit (nuclear subs, drones, type 45 destroyers, cruise missiles etc)

I didn't see any kind of plan around what sort of armed forces the new Scotland needed or how it was to be funded.

I suspect that at the first site of a Russian bomber flying over the North Sea it would be the Royal Airforce intercepting it....

Long rant - all a bit academic now as the Scots have decided to stay part of the UK.

Sam Browning
9/19/2014 12:03pm,
Next question, can we unfairly blame this entire episode on the Gingers, and is Prince Harry their king?

9/19/2014 12:08pm,
I think that the whole independence thing was a ginger plot to create the worlds first ginger state with Prince Harry as head of state.

Never trust a ginger.

Sam Browning
9/19/2014 12:29pm,
In his defense, Prince Harry would be a lot more fun then Bonnie Prince Charlie, especially when he would relocate his court to Las Vagas for three months at a time, for booze, gambling, and easy American women. (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

While there he could go double ginger by choosing Faye Reagan to be the Royal Mistress!

Yes, I know that the issue of Scottish independance deserves serious geo-political commentary, but like Jose Canseco without the roids, I can't make the throw from outfield to home plate anymore, so it's time for mindless snark.

W. Rabbit
9/19/2014 2:19pm,
I know regardless of what the vote outcome was, many many pints are flowing tonight, and all weekend.

And, every day before and after.

Seriously, what does "United" really mean if it doesn't mean "in drink and song".

Long live the United Kingdom.

Ming Loyalist
9/19/2014 3:30pm,
i just wanted another passport, and those cowards deprived me of it! (born in scotland of american parents, so i am a dual US/UK citizen.)

i must admit that after hearing scots complain endlessly about the fookin english, it would be interesting to see how they got on without that "boot of tyranny" on their necks.

9/20/2014 2:18pm,
As someone from the North of England at the start of the campaign I was hopeful they would stay by the end of it I am disappointed they didn't leave.

I am a bit sick of hearing England being blamed for everything that goes wrong north of the border. Last week we were ruining their NHS despite the fact that they have been in control of their own NHS since the Scotland act.

I also enjoy them telling us its our fault for the recession despite at the time of the boom and the beginning of the recession the British Prime-minister and Chancellor were Scottish backed by a Government where Scotland was heavily packed with Scottish MPs

W. Rabbit
9/20/2014 4:43pm,
IF I learned anything from watching Braveheart all these years, it's that English/Scottish relations were MUCH better off when French princesses got into the mix.

That's what this modern world is missing. French princesses.