View Full Version : How Have We Never Posted About Sifu Hamby

9/01/2014 2:40pm,
I've recently become a Kung Fu newb, so of course I have gone a-googling. Dangerous but necessary.

Low and behold, I have come across the greatest voice in Kung Fu, Sifu Donald Hamby:


He not only looks awesome, but also has a speaking voice that rivals God himself (Morgan Freeman):


I have no clue whether or not his Kung Fu is actually good, but his CHI is clearly strong


And his web-site is amazing as well


If Sifu Hamby has not been in his own movie yet, this is a travesty that must be corrected.

W. Rabbit
9/01/2014 10:46pm,
He's the Barry White of Hung ga.

Hamby was challenged at the Wong Fei Hung Museum 11 years ago and knocked around some of the local students who thought he was an actor.


If that's not awesome enough, here he is practicing the Iron Thread with Lam Chun Fai.


Holy Moment
9/02/2014 2:59pm,
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Streetfighting is not about effectiveness or practicality. It's about STYLE.


With his spiked Sonny Chiba gauntlets, Hamby obviously has plenty.

Edit: That sense of elation you just felt? That's what I call a STREETGASM.