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8/20/2014 3:43pm,
Hey guys, so recently I got into a bit of a mess. Going into summer vacation from school, my friend and I decided to train for the duration of our vacation, so we opted for Gracie barra. We signed up for a contract however shortly after, I had a family emergency and had to go to Mexico, and have been here for over a month. I forgot to cancel the contract , losing out the grace period, however was able to put it in hold, or at least that's what I've been told. When I return, around September, I am moving back near school which offers me the option of canceling the contract, but was wondering how difficult it is to do so. I've heard stories that Gracie are relentless when it comes to contracts. I regret that I wasn't able to train especially since it was 150 a month that I paid for. Does anyone know what I need to provide to show that I am indeed moving? Btw, when signing up , we had told the trainer that it was only for 3 months , and he agreed as long as we provided proof , but shortly after he quit....