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Hugo Dictus
8/25/2014 6:08am,
Hi bullshido,

I've been lurking a long time, and some time ago I attempted to join bullshido. I made the mistake of using the facebook connect feature, and was not allowed to choose my username. I would prefer not to use my my real name, so I tried to make a different account, and send an E-mail asking for the deletion of this one, but the the email (which I sent twice) was not delivered, and that account has been in the moderation queue to be added to the forum for the past few months. Is there any way I can get that account working and this one removed or am I forever denied the sweet security of anonymity?

appreciate any help!

8/25/2014 2:03pm,

Forward that email to Phrost [email protected] Bullshido dot com with the account name etc. We'll get you hooked up.

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