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5/10/2004 7:30am,
So I was sitting around being bored and thinking about MA, like I do every day... And I thought up this punch combo;

Right hook, using the turning motion to left spinning backfist, and following up with right uppercut.

You could start it off with a jab, but that would make it more orthodox! :D

I know it won't work as an opening move, but maybe after your opponent is tired and letting their guard down.

What do you think?

5/10/2004 7:33am,
You have too much time on your hands...

5/10/2004 7:35am,
Seriously, it's all I think about! And sex.

5/10/2004 7:37am,
That combo might work better in sex...

5/10/2004 7:40am,
Wouldn't grappling work better for sex?

5/10/2004 7:42am,

5/10/2004 7:45am,
I guess I just don't see the spinning back fist being easy to pull off while I'm doing the matress mambo.

5/10/2004 7:46am,
You lack focus...
You must be the matress...
Only then will you acheive rich, spiritual, creaminess...

5/10/2004 7:50am,
Be the matress...? Matresses don't have limbs for which to strike with! AGH!

5/10/2004 7:51am,
*shakes head at inexperienced youth*

5/10/2004 7:56am,
Well I punch the matress to practice ground and pound, and it never complain of any pain or injury... In fact my strikes just bounce right back! I suppose I could absorb quite a bit of punishment if I became the matress... I don't know how much that would help for the sex part, though.

5/10/2004 7:58am,
Lets get back on track...

Here is my "unorthodox technique" :

Left jab, right spinning hook kick, left spinninf ridge hand, spinning folding chair, left front kick, baseball bat, right spinning back kick, and to finish it off, downward ottoman.

5/10/2004 8:01am,
You call that back on track!? I guess it is unorthodox...

But seriously, could mine work? Any flaws? Unneeded movements? etc...

5/10/2004 8:10am,
Flaws ? just one:
People don't just stand there and let you hit them while spinning like a food processor.

5/10/2004 8:19am,
True enough, but spinning backfists have been pulled off in full contact competition. If I do it when they are tired and dropping their guard, might it be possible?

5/10/2004 8:24am,
anything is possible....

Now, here is a good one:
Fake a dbl leg takedown and come up with a head butt to the chin, followed by a right-left uppercut combo, into a bear hug suplex, and follow up on the ground by a chair across the back and a baseball bat up the arse !!