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8/09/2014 1:56pm,
had a conversation with their sensei (or his wife? dont know. Name on email was a female but writing from male account) and one of the students (on his FB photos - black belt). I have asked them for a full contact sparring match (friendly fight imo). First, my initial email and then some quotes from their answers.


Hi, i'm a student from plymouth %$"" and i was wondering that
maybe there would be someone in your club that want to test his skills
in vale tudo fight?


" ...they ( in reg to students ) don't need to test
their skills, their skills are what they are, extremely good."

"No we are not a competition based school, there are lots more challenges in martial arts then fighting, in my experience of life there is no such thing as a friendly challenge.
There are lots of clubs around that would accept your offer, but for us there is no benefit, we train hard so we don't have to fight not the other way round."

"...there are lots more challenges in martial arts then fighting"

"I am not a thug who likes to test out his skills, I am a martial artist..."

from PJ (student, black belt? )

"Our styles are completely different which is why we don't compete in such ways."

"You have to remember in BJJ/MMA there are ground rules where as we have no rules and fight to prevent going to the ground."

"We train for enjoyment, fitness and protection and don't deal in competition in any kind"

"A lot of people of today train in bjj and MMA thanks to the UFC yet fighting in the street is a different world."

"I've used mine (reg: fighting skills )many a time in the street but hey, each to there own."