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7/02/2014 4:02am,
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Hi All,
I am a new member to this forum; Looking to get some insight from experienced people.

I have been thinking of doing martial arts to; 1. Get fit, 2. Gain Confidence, 3. Gain self defense knowledge as a bonus.

My main consideration is kick-boxing (which I am paying membership for in a few days).

However on the side I would also like to Kung Fu. Having never done this kind of thing before; what would you say makes a good/bad training place? (I have two places booked for trial sessions and will stick one after). Should I choose the place I enjoy the most?

TL;DR: What makes a training place good/bad?

Answer to question asked there in the old post.

The schools which I am considering are

Rapid Fist (Leicester) (same name website)
KungFuLeicester (Same name website)