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4/30/2014 2:43am,
Hi would like your input in this kind of scenario:
Student A try to learn a system, for a short while one was learning with other students under the gm.
Then the gm fell sick, so the gm entrusted A to student B who have been learning with the gm for a long time, if not the most advanced student of the gm.
Now after the the gm dead, student A started to teach, first just as the assistance, but later teach it on one's own.
First student B, who acclaimed by other elder of the society as the inheritor of the gm system, let student A do one's thing, but after a while student A start to invent things that is not in sync with the principality of the system, so one's being expelled from the school.
But lately student A being more and more daring, murky-ing the system term and techniques that the original one is being surpressed, thus create a misunderstanding of the system.
What is the boundary of what is considered ethical?

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