View Full Version : Forgot to introduce myself properly

4/26/2014 8:33am,
I just realize that i have already made an account here, even tough i visit this forum sporadically all these years without logging in.
As for myself, i'm just a person who learn martial art casually, hopping from one to others without really learning much, until i found this style last year that i hope will be my last harbor.
The style itself was known as a legend/myth style that until early 21st century, believed even by the umbrella organization as extinct. That so until some Europeans came and claim that they once saw the style performance.
But with recognitions, comes the pretenders, the art so murky right now that it was being misunderstood as to what kind of art it really is.

I've learn a lot from this forum, and still believe will learn more in the future.

Thank you.

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