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4/06/2014 1:52pm,
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I have recently read a article on here talking about Russell Stutely :
First let me just say , I'am not saying I agree with his system or disagree....I have never been 1 to judge other people's art.

After 30 plus yrs of studying martial arts, and have studied over 18 different martial arts, and yes many qualifications and different black belts, but I still hold to its not about the belt...I have watched green belt and blue belt beat the pants off black belt at tournaments...Is truly about the person and the way they are taught and trained.

I designed Diversity Dynamic Martial Arts, and have tons and tons of Video's and Books...And truly believe Once u have studied this Art you will never go back to any other art....Web site is all most done, But I'am going to the next level and not hiding behind a web site, I plan to visit many well known tournaments, and allow anybody from the crowd to come. Not somebody I take with me, we see it everyday, everything works on people that train with you, I want to show and teach a person right in the ring, and then monitor it so it doesn't hurt anybody, And lt people see that it actually works,,,You can can build the best website,,,get the best commercial, But I don't have 1000's of dollars and sponsors, so I will stick to the old fashion way of getting my art across the us...Good Ole Word of Mouth, By Hands on People.

Now enough about that....I will say Russell Stutely program does offer allot of Good and True Data...You can check it out for urself on youtube and tons of free sites about human anatomy.

And after yrs of study I believe you cannot just use Pressure Point as A single way to fight, Now you take Pressure Points, add them to aikido, tae kwondo, karate, kung fu, judo, mma, whatever the art is, Yes they do work a nd work very very effective... Now me personally I have never bought a course online, that doesn't offer a trial, I don't care if is says 100 percent money back.....cause them normally take months to get ur money back.........So I believe if ur art works like u say, does what ur promoting give people 2 wk trial, 30 day trial...if its online what are u losing....Cause if it does everything u say it does, they wont even use the whole trial and will but the course...

Diversity Dynamics Martial Arts, Site will be finished in the Near future..............Plz try the program, no credit card, no gimmics, try a true art, and I know u will continue to study it............DDMA's is a combination of 18 different styles of martial arts, human anatomy, physics, and I believe the most advanced fighting system, wheather u train for competition..........this is not a monkey see , monkey do art.

Please Post would love ur info

4/07/2014 11:45am,
Not an article, but approved for YMAS fuckery.

4/07/2014 12:44pm,
We need a Bullshido Bingo board made up for times like this. He's hit about two thirds of the standard issue bullshidoka memes in his introductory post.

4/07/2014 1:01pm,
I'm sold! For $19.99 I can be awesome too! Those bullies won't kick sand in my face any more!

It's only $19.99 right?

4/07/2014 1:16pm,
I'm only going to do this if I can home study. I can't take the time to get to a gym or nothing to learn no martial arts.

It must be in the comfort of my own home, where nobody can see me.

Chili Pepper
4/07/2014 1:47pm,
I don't know how I made it on to Stutely's spam list but I regularly receive his idiotic pitch emails.

4/07/2014 2:29pm,
Please Post would love ur infoAfter having read your 'article', I kind of doubt you're going to love any of the info you're going to get in the form of posts here.

Chili Pepper
4/07/2014 5:48pm,
So I believe if ur art works like u say, does what ur promoting give people 2 wk trial, 30 day trial...if its online what are u losing

I have only one question. Is "u" pronounced "uh" or "ooo"?

4/07/2014 8:06pm,
I've been a member for a whopping two days and I find my first thread like this? I thought I was getting away from this!

This is where we're allowed to pull out or massive digital cock, slap it against the OP's face, and all jizz on a cookie and force feed it to him right? Right?

I hope this **** has some Qigong in it. No fighting system is complete without Qigong. . . . . . . . . and Ninjutsu.