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4/04/2014 10:19pm,
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I trained at Precision Martial Arts in Navarre, Fl for more than 3 years in Krav Maga. If you are moving to the area and considering a martial art or the best place to go, I highly recommend this place. Calvin Longton is everything that you would want in an instructor. He's a fantastic teacher who can explain any technique, he's patient, he's brilliant, he's funny and entertaining. I say funny and entertaining because if you are new to any type of martial art, it can be intimidating. He makes you feel at ease. But, he's also quite serious and has a ton of experience on top of that.
I sincerely miss the place. I train at a different facility now, in a different city, and the curriculum at Precision is above par. The techniques are advanced. Calvin served in the Army, Marines and Air Force- so you can imagine what he brings to his school.
You make a lot of wonderful friends at this school as well. Moshe Katz of Israeli Krav International is associated with the training, and he is a dedicated leader, as well.
Again, if you are searching for a place to learn how to defend yourself- go here and you will not be disappointed! Well worth the investment!