View Full Version : BJJ Black Belt meets Giant White Belt

W. Rabbit
1/27/2014 3:44pm,
Saw this on MAP. Has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Has to be staged. Spontaneous comedy like this just doesn't happen on it's own, while a camera is rolling.


1/27/2014 3:53pm,
Ahahahaha. The "oh **** this guy is the size of the titanic" look on that instructor's face is priceless.

Vieux Normand
1/27/2014 4:06pm,
What have we learned?

Shaved-head-talibeard--plus tats, no less--is negated by gargantuan size.

Allow me a moment to contain my surprise.

1/27/2014 4:08pm,
It's Kit Dale, 50% of his stuff are (bad) jokes.

1/27/2014 4:22pm,
I almost posted this video in the strength vs technique thread.

Kit Dale has a ton of funny ****. It would be interesting to see someone of his caliber roll with a man of that size and strength though.