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5/06/2004 6:12pm,
http://www.penny-arcade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=57818&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 (http://)

Check these morons out.

5/06/2004 6:14pm,
Link doesn't work...

5/06/2004 6:23pm,
wow, worse than map.

5/06/2004 6:29pm,
Ok, I got it to work...

5/06/2004 6:29pm,
"I've fought a wrestler before, and I've won. It didn't end up in a grapple, because I punched the wrestler's wrists whenever he took lunges at me... Something my TKD instructor taught me. At that point, he couldn't grab me, so the outcome was sealed, and I let him walk away. However, if it did become a grappling situation, my instructor also taught me how to defend against those too. I'd be happy to explain and show you if you were so curious to inquire how."

Wow. This guy is one mighty fine liar. For one thing, alot of wresters I know would go for the shoot if the other person isn't grappling... but thats just me.... and punching his hands? WTF?

5/06/2004 6:33pm,
He seems to be open to challenges. I think I will challegne match him but odds are he backs out.

5/06/2004 6:37pm,
Ah, Cloud9... SunTzu needs to go back there and give him and earful.

5/06/2004 6:57pm,
oh, well my buddies compete in free style wrestling. Whenever I hand with'em they usually just try to shoot my legs. It used to work all the time, until I realized that you can do the magic "sprawl technique" when you know they're going to shoot.

5/06/2004 7:26pm,
I'm T_Ruxpin over there...

5/06/2004 7:34pm,
Yep.. just punch the hands while he's trying to grab..

5/06/2004 8:07pm,
For the love of God. Now they're talking about Combat Ki...

5/06/2004 8:26pm,
AAHH! This thread makes my head explode!! Ground and standup principles are the SAME!? **** YOU!! %&#$*@!!

5/06/2004 8:52pm,
Originally posted by Osiris
Interesting convo. I like the way that it gets less and less reasonable as it goes on.

TKD works.
It teaches you to attack vital points and what not.
UFC is not really NHB.
Why do you think there are no thai boxers?
TKD 0wn3s t4h grap113!!11
TKD is too d34d1y for t3h grappl3
j00 l00ze j00r 3y3s!!!11
OMG t3h e4r cl4p pwns t3h M0UNT11111!!!11

You forgot the last one.

D00d, y0|_| kN0\/\/ 1 c0u1|) g|24b t3h p3ni5 in teh gu4|2d!!1!1!!!one!11

5/06/2004 8:58pm,
Wow what a load of rubbish. I wonder if they accept challenges from females?

5/06/2004 9:00pm,
I posted a fairly harsh anti-TKDfanboy post, and all of a sudden, some loser (Cloud 9) starts to slam Bullshido.
Normally I'd recommend blatant and forceful trolling of their boards, but Gabe and Tycho are cool. Some extra two cents worth from a couple of people wouldn't go astray, though.

5/06/2004 9:02pm,
i registered to throw in my "me too", but my confirmation email hasn't come through yet.