View Full Version : can't find a steady training partner.

11/30/2002 2:56pm,
unfortuently, i can't seem to find a steady training partner to train with, first i was training jiu jitsu which was a couple hrs away from home, then i found someone at my gym who's certified in muay thai, but for some wierd reason it never fell through, only resort is this kyokushin dojo, But i really hate kata, and seem like i'm wasting my time, since i really want to learn to defend myself, my take downs and striking really suck, So i think i will try to improve my striking first, until i graduate and relocate and find a better place to train.

11/30/2002 4:01pm,
Where do you live man? Sometimes its tough to find really good training partners. Kyokushin is a pretty good style even WITH the Katas. Your not going to learn too much in takedowns but you'll have plenty of practice in the clinch.

11/30/2002 4:54pm,
Kyokushin has katas, well that might be bad but they emphasize a LOT on fighting and full contact sparring, it won't take long for you to be a good fighter but because of the standards, it'll take a long time for you to reach that black belt (o and here's another thing, you have to fight 100 opponents full-contact if you want that 5th degree)

11/30/2002 6:59pm,
yeah, its the katas all that japanese terminalogy, that i find a waste of time. But if its the only place i can train at then i guess i will give it a try. until i relocate.

Deadpan Scientist
11/30/2002 7:17pm,
If you told us the city in which you lived, maybe someone could reccomend a school.

11/30/2002 8:07pm,
trust me their r no schools in my area, either kyokushin or tae kwon do, or other karate bullshit. theirs one school but the teacher is a jackass, and i have no time for his bullshit, all the fucken guy cares about is money.

I'm from binghamton, NY.

trust me this area sucks when it comes to mma

11/30/2002 8:46pm,
That is pretty out there in the woods. I'm from NY so I know where your coming from. I know a guy who studies BJJ upstate NY in a Caique school. I'll try and find out where for you.

12/01/2002 12:16am,
Hey, I hear you man. My number one biggest problem is getting a training partner. There's only so much you can learn from heavy bags and katas, and I'm I've been getting really antsy lately. I've got a friend in excellent shape who takes wrestling, but he refuses to fight me until he's got some more experience in wrestling. Apparently he thinks my year and a half of karate training made me into a killer. He's gonna be in for a real pleasant surprise if we ever get to sparring.

12/01/2002 10:11pm,
IS henrioh affiliate any good or should i seek instruction else where????