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Sam Browning
1/04/2014 9:10pm,


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Bay Area, CA
1.0 star rating 4/2/2013
After reading all the filtered reviews I'm not surprised most of them talk about how Arash makes sexual comments to the girls and is very touchy. I had gone for a while and let's just say things got uncomfortable. I spoke with another girl and the same thing happened to her only she keeps going because Arash doesn't charge her to work out. Scary what people get away with. So ladies beware!

owen l.

Los Gatos, CA
1.0 star rating 3/6/2009 First to Review
If I could give 1/2 a star I would.
What a waste of time and money!
The owner Arash is such an unprofessional business man I am suprised that he hasn't been sued over his actions and words.

I had joined the Fit and Trim class. I am a very active person and have had martial arts back ground in Kung Fu (red belt in shoalin and practiced muy thai) and a brown belt on Judo. This class was to help you get loose weight and get toned in 10 weeks , when I signed up it cost $700 and now it's $1000. They give you this book where she tracks you inches. There are all these updates of what you are doing to improve your lifestyle. But she never checks those pages. They also don't weigh you. I find that ridiculous. If I can see the pounds drop each week, that would be a great motivator right there. THE BIGGEST LOSER does it.

I do have to give credit to Lauren. I think that she is a great strength training, core training, yoga, and pilates instructer. She is always upbeat and wants you to succeed. But, kick boxing instructer she is not. You can see in her physique that she just isn't beautiful but she does work out with passion. But, when I watch what the guys fit and trim class was doing I was envious and wanted to do that instead. They were doing serious kicking and punching while we were doing Abs for 5 mins on our own. Plus, Lauren would be running around answering phone and trying to teach a class while Arash would either reading the same book for the last 4 weeks or gazing at himself in the mirror, while we listened to his incessant rant of how good looking he is (he has napolean syndrome).
I believe the Asian instructor (Todd?) looks like he is a very instense and passionate instructor, but has this infectious smile that makes you feel comfortable and safe in his class.
These 2 should actually leave and start there own school.

Reason why I know Arash is an unprofessional business man.
1.He flips the students off. Now, it's one thing when your students act out, but when the owner/instructor participates. That's childish.

2. He constantly makes sexual undertoned comments that are unacceptable.
ex. Lauren was kicking really hard to show us how we should be going it. his comments "You should see her in bed." WHAT !
ex. he told me that I used to look hot, I would be allowed to go out with him, but I "would have to go down on him twice." WHAT!

3. A student told him that he would need a lawyer and he said " I know. I am a lawyer.... I have sued lawyers and won." any idiot knows that a lawyer has a client and you sued/or counter sue their client...and under what grounds?

4. My friend couldn't afford to continue these classes. He through a tantrum and told Lauren that he didn't want her to ever come back. (Gee, when business picks back up for her I am sure she wants to come back here.)

There is 1 plus side to Arash. When he teaches the kick boxing class. He is actually good. He gives you a nice work out . BUT, IT'S ONLY FOR 30 MIN ($100/month) He does walk around to check to see if you are punchin right, hard enough, and motivates you for that 30 minutes. The rest of time ...what a jack ass. He should not be allowed to open his mouth. For a person who loves to read and learn he should read "how to run a business for dummies".

Comment: And this is not even the review which alleges that Dibazar attempts to recruit female students to be strippers. I sincerely hope that is not true.


PUA's belong to the so called Seduction Community. These are guys who spend all of their time creating "sets" basically techniques used to seduce women. Mystery is the most famous of the PUA's and Neil Strauss wrote about this group in his book "The Game". By itself this would not be relevant except for the claims that Dibazar does this while running his martial arts school.

see also another Pick Up Artist (PUA's) review of Mr. Dibazar.




2229 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
Neighborhood: Willow Glen

(408) 269-0999


"First of all, I would like to thank my teacher, the Prince of Fiji, Manu Tupou, for breaking me free of the cage of ignorance that I was brought up in. He taught me how to milk the ecstasy from every moment of life and imbue it with aesthetics. Next I would like to thank my teacher, Sandro ďBatataĒ Santiago, for teaching me the pure and true form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as was passed down from his teacher Gordo. He showed me that with the correct leverage and technique coupled with the warrior spirit any opposition can be overcome. I am forever in debt to both my teachers and humbly bow before them." - Arash Dibazar"

Anyone ever hear of Mr. Dibazar or his instructor Sandro "Batata" Santiago? Well it looks like Gracie Magazine reported his promotion

Anyone know whether he has a competition record?


Sam Browning
1/04/2014 9:20pm,
Since one of his former customers says he claimed to be an attorney, I searched his name through California Attorney records.


They have no lawyer by that name. So he either got licensed out of state, the reviewer is not telling the truth, or Dibazar is not telling the truth.

Sam Browning
1/05/2014 1:41am,

Looks like he took a scientology course, probably at their LA Celeb Center in 1998.


Indicates that someone by the same name was later declared a Suppressive Person by the Cult of Scientology. If this is the same person, it doesn't necessarily say anything bad about Dibazar. The Cult tends to kick out anyone with any sort of independence who will not fork over money unquestioningly.


A Video of him being interviewed with reddit questions, he refers to dianetics and "implanting" i.e. putting ideas into peoples head.

He formally had a wikipedia page which was deleted for lack of notability.


1/06/2014 9:51am,
Wow, we really dropped the ball here. How the hell did MAP get ahold of this guy before us?


Dibazar appears to make his living off of scamming everyone, men and women alike.


On his martial arts school's website: http://www.imcmartialarts.com/instructors.html



If the information on mixedmartialarts.com is correct, it appears this Panjo Fighting System that is taught at Dizabar's martial arts school was created by Dibazar and could not include anything other than elements of Tae Kwon Do (Dibazar's main style according to the above thread) and useless **** Dibazar may have come up with in his grandmother's basement.

The instructor page seems to try and divert from the fact that Dibazar created the Panjo Fighting System and appears to only be taught by a 20 year old black belt in the system. This young instructor has only been practicing the Panjo Fighting System for 5 years. But I suppose 5 years is more than enough time to attain a black belt in what is likely a bullshit system.

This appears to be the only legit part of Dibazar's life:


Sam Browning
1/06/2014 10:34am,
Map reported on the guy before we did, because one of Arash's minions went there to post a thread explaining how great Arash was, and got chewed up pretty badly for saying such things as they taught a Martial Art with moves that were 100% effective for everyone regardless of body build, size etc. Then they asked Minion to explain how Panjo was distinctly "Persian". And the original poster could not do so.

Besides the BJJ this is what a poster on the underground pulled off of Arash's website.

"He was introduced to the martial arts at the age of 2 in his native land Iran by his 7 cousins who all held black belts. However his formal training started at the age of 11 in Tae Kwon Do. At 16 he won the gold medal in the California State Junior Olympics and that same year went on to win the gold medal at the National Junior Olympics in Florida beating out 52 other competitors. By 17 he was a member of the number 1 martial arts demonstration team in the world The Next Generation Action Team, and by 18 had toured the US and Europe performing martial arts for audiences as large as 37,000 people. His talents have been featured in the first web designed fighting game "The Net Fighter". At 20 years old he moved to Hollywood and landed featured roles in the film "The Ultimate Fight" and "Que Sera, Que Sera". He has also been featured in numerous commercials and music videos as well as TV interviews and magazines. He was cast as the Red Ranger in Saban's TV hit the Power Rangers, but due to other projects at the time he did not continue with this."

Betcha he would have had a longer acting career if he had taken the red pill/power ranger.

The Map guys also pinned down that Panjo was started 15 years ago when Arash was say 22 years old and therefore still in his TKD phase.

1/06/2014 12:13pm,
A made up MA, former Scientologist, and PUA? This guy wins the Triple Crown of Con.

Scientologists need no introduction, but Iíd like to rant a bit about PUAs. Nothing wrong with a guy who is shy or from a different culture getting some tips on how to meet women in the western world, but PUAs are pathetic. These guys turn their manliness on its head by devoting all their time and energy to figuring out how to get women to like them. Theyíre boy-men still trying to get their mothersí attention (Lookit me mom, lookit me lookit me!). Poontang ninjers, larping genuine masculinity.

A real man meets women on his own terms. If I talk to a woman and she donít like who I am, she can either move on to the next guy, or get herself a Hitachi Magic Wand.

I donít know if Mr. Dibazarís MA is any good and Iíll give him the benefit of the doubt about being a Scientologist because he was apparently kicked out; but any connection to the PUA world makes him a prima facie phony and unfit to teach a MA school. Iíd feel about as comfortable letting my daughter learn the banjo fighting system at the IMC Academy as I would feel letting her train at the Lloyd Irvin Academy.

1/20/2014 5:43pm,
I hopefully have found a BJJ gal in San Jose to drop in on some classes with Arash and be our bait. I will keep you posted. Thanks errybody for the good work so far.

The Villain
1/21/2014 10:54am,
To be honest, I think that you'll find dude is a standard douchebag. Some girls will sleep with him, others will reject him, and others will try to sleep with him and get ignored. Sending women to investigate the sex is exactly what he wants.

1/02/2016 3:38am,
Well, the PUA community has decided that Arash is full of **** as well, lol.

(That's where I've been this whole time, btw.)

1/02/2016 1:40pm,
This is from MidWestLair (I asked if I could copy and paste it):

Update: December 29, 2015 - I don't want to say I told you so... But....
Alright ****. You NEW guys are starting to piss off the EXPERIENCED GUYS in here, and honestly I'm getting PMs from guys who know their **** about some of these posts and comments.

So let's talk about this. Everything in this thread is word on the street. Do some research and you can find out a lot of this **** yourself. Don't get mad at me, get mad at the people who know the inside scoop - DAFS and find out where all this **** is posted yourself. It's time some of you guys learned to put on your thinking and research caps anyway. And the thing is, All these posts of new guys who are blindly following these fucking guys are turning off the guys who can tell that they are full of ****. Experienced guys are complaining that they don't want to post here because they think the new guys are talking too much bullshit.

Andrew posted some thread about some guy named Wayne Jefferson or whatever, who apparently has pics of himself with women and is a student of another guy names Arash Dizzlebar or something.

So I'm dropping the Hammer.

Arash Dibblezuk, or whatever his name is, has a scam operation going and apparently masses of noobs and pickup groupies are falling for it hook, line and sinker.
Here's what we got. It's like a multi-level-marketing scheme in pickup.

I was actually on the phone the other day with a buddy of mine who DOES NOT STUDY OR REALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PICKUP.

He's just a normal dude, but he knows what I do. He DOES follow martial arts (MMA) and started talking about some guy who the MMA guys were discussing - Basically some creepy ************ who pretends he's good at martial arts, and tries to use his "ALL FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS STUDIO" as a way to try and meet chicks.

My buddy said basically the guy (he didn't remember his name) would go and Troll Strippers, and tell them to be in pictures with him or in his Martial Arts Studio working out or posing in exchange for free classes. Most of the MMA guys think he's a joke.


So there's that. And I said, "Oh, well there's this guy all these new guys talk about a lot - Arash Dubblezug or something," and my buddy was like, "Yeaaa! That's him!!"

And the more some of these experienced guys in this group messaged me, the more I decided to take a few minutes to see what I can find.

Word on the Street.

"Everybody lies: cops lie, newspapers lie, parents lie. The one thing you can count on - word on the street... yeah, that's solid." ~Suicide Kings

So already he has strike 1 for being some guy who trolls strippers to be in pics or videos with him for free fitness or whatever at his gym.

But then here is ANOTHER Quote I came across (I'm not gonna screen shot every quote I find but I will be happy to if someone cries and whines because their hero is under attack).

"Arash earns a living by teaching others how to be a pick-up guru through seminars. Attendees become certified to hold their own seminars. The pattern continues. Engenders a network of people telling you how great they are. It's like making a fortune by writing a book on how to make a fortune from writing books.." This is from a Fitness/Bodybuilding forum. And there are other quotes I'm gonna drop as well.

So - basically he does a Multi-Level Marketing scam. He teaches guys not Pickup, but how to be a pickup GURU - Then they sing his praises all over the internet and model his scam of getting pics with girls who they aren't fucking which explains [redacted] recent thread about [redacted]... He basically, took Arash's scam school and learned how to make people think he's some superhero with pics of girls he probably never sees again etc etc etc...

But what is the REALITY of this guy and his minions.

Here's some interesting quotes I came across (and I know some of you are just going to cry ,"Haters Haters Haters" which is like the defense mechanism for bullshitters and noobs everywhere but oh well... We can deal with it).

YELP REVIEWS ABOUT HIS MARTIAL ARTS STUDIOS (First off - he trolls yelp as well and from multiple accounts of his and his friends flags negative posts about his business, and posts from multiple accounts positive reviews).

The yelp reviews were in the OP, so I'm skipping them.

So look man, This is already getting long.

And I don't really want to spend more time on this then I need to, and I just want to let people get their comments in sticking up for him and I will be happy to keep dropping the HUGE amount of information on the dude that I have come across as discussion warrants..

But lets just say, PLEASE GUYS - Fucking learn to think for yourselves and learn that some of these guys are out there just SCAMMING new guys left and right, and many of them are doing a great job at it. Stop falling for these fucking clowns.

1 Last comment for now that someone wrote to a Arash groupie who called him a "Hater" when the guy critiqued his video.

"I'm not trying to hate, just stating what I observe.

He got super spun up about that "****" and "hoped she died... Quickly.." because she was talking **** about him and his business. A full grown adult confident straight dude doesn't act like that.

It's high school stage maturity, or he's gay.

There's some deep rooted hatred for women, or it's all an act. Either way it's disingenuous. He didn't come off "Alpha" at all to me, he came off schlocky and scared. Scratch the surface on all that anger and there's a broken dude in there. Maybe because he's built a complex facade to hide just how badly he wants to gobble the weiners of his desperate clients.

He's not really that far off from Michelle Bachmans' husband. Converter of the "weak." "

Oh yes, and LOTS OF people on these Workout and MMA forums think he's gay.

Anyway - GO! Discuss!

1/21/2016 3:31am,
Jesus fucking christ. It's like a douchebag bloomin' onion. Layers and layers of friend douchebags.

Did anything ever come of this?

The Villain
1/22/2016 2:47pm,
What could? We've discovered that he's a raging heterosexual who might exaggerate his sexual prowess. I fail to see where Bullshido's interest in this lies.

9/23/2016 7:17am,
Here's an article that just came out about some rape convictions in San Diego, titled "Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them"--


Oh and by the way... the IRONY of Jordan saying Bullshido has no interest in the Arash Dibazar issue but then being all up in that judo lady's business, saying Bullshido needs to save her and whatall.

9/23/2016 10:05am,
Here's an article that just came out about some rape convictions in San Diego, titled "Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them"--


Oh and by the way... the IRONY of Jordan saying Bullshido has no interest in the Arash Dibazar issue but then being all up in that judo lady's business, saying Bullshido needs to save her and whatall.

Man, what is wrong with dudes? This consent thing really isn't that hard.

Then again, they probably do actually understand consent and just don't care. Because getting your dick wet is apparently worth fucking up someone else's life. And the whole power trip thing.