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12/13/2013 11:42am,
What is the general consensus on Crazy Monkey Defense(CMD)? I have done a little research so far and was extremely interested in what I saw but was curious to hear input from Bullshido members around the globe and their opinions on it.

12/13/2013 3:12pm,
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12/13/2013 11:44pm,
I believe you have your answer.

Bluto Blutarsky
12/14/2013 1:54am,
Wait a second here. The crazy monkey defense would work if you actually looked and acted like a crazy monkey.

That means swallowing soap to make you look like you had rabies. But if you really want to train the cmd in an "alive" (sorry to steal someone else's ****) manner,

You would train it like a badass and sack up and go out and actually get rabies.

I don't know a out you guys but if some dude came at me w rabies I would just throw in the towel.
I would give the mother fucker my wallet too even if he didnt ask just don't bite me you monkey-raccoon-rabie having ************.

12/14/2013 5:36am,
Got a link to this crazy monkey defense?

My brother is skinny and a bit odd. One day, after buying a playstation game and on his way home some wankers attempted to take it from him. He can't fight... but he did something that I'd call crazy monkey. He shat himself and began to fling poo. They ran.