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11/17/2013 12:39pm,

This appeared on my FB page today. If there's still a Badass of the Month ting I nominate this dude..whats more it was for love and loyalty..totally Badass!

A summary of his antics:

The man's name was Horace Greasley. He was a British POW famous for escaping over 200 times to visit his girlfriend, a local Jewish girl. Why did he keep going back? Loyalty. He returned every time with extra food or other contraband to share with his fellow captives. Greasley spent 5 years as a prisoner of war, during which time he served as camp barber and worked in the marble quarries.

Following capture, the men were forced to march for ten weeks from France to Poland. The men suffered deplorable conditions and spent a winter, in temperatures as low as -40C, lodged in an old horse stable. Those who survived the march and train transfer were beaten, tortured, and starved. Greasley was once beaten so badly he lay unconscious for 2 days. In 2008, his biography, "Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell?" was published. Two years after its release, he died at age 91.

When I see this photo, I always admire the defiance in his face. He refused to be broken. Be that guy.

Oh and by the way, the German officer he's staring down is Heinrich Himmler.

An obituary is here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/military-obituaries/army-obituaries/7223148/Horace-Greasley.html

This isn't comedy but wasn't sure where to put it and thought it would be seen more here. Pls move to more appropriate place if necessary mods.

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That's pretty remarkable. Might have regretted going back that last time though.

Do British soldiers have a standing order to attempt escape if captured?

11/17/2013 12:58pm,
Letters from Rosa stopped in December 1945 and even though Greasley tried to contact her numerous times, she could not be reached.[2] A year later, Greasley received a letter from a friend of Rosa, who informed him that Rosa had died with her newborn son, Jakub (Polish for Jacob).[2] Greasley did not know whether the child was his.

Damn, I hoped she made it too.

Anyone who stares down such cold and savage beasts as this creme de la creme du SS (all other activities aside) has my utter and total respect.

11/17/2013 2:14pm,

Do British soldiers have a standing order to attempt escape if captured?

Don't know tbh, according to this site:http://www.ww2escapelines.co.uk/youngelms/history-escape/

For WW2 Prisoners of War, escape was considered to be their duty; it caused enemy troops to be taken away from the front line and occupied them in search parties. British POWs made numerous escape attempts, many were successful and all were quite ingenious. In Stalag Luft III alone over 100 different tunnels were started.

Makes sense, pretty sure going back wasn't considered a duty!

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You know, this Bullshido site is so full of non-quitters and inspirational roughnecks, I would just once, like someone to stand up and announce the importance of quitting. I have been giving up all my life on stuff. I can't even finish a beer. And I'm still alive. I have found quitting to be an exceedingly healthy diet.


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Yeah you're right. Perhaps we need Quitter of the Month as well, for the sake of balance.

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