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10/23/2013 6:24pm,

tips would be great.


10/24/2013 2:25am,
I assume you are the one with the orange shirt
1. Your jab: its sloppy, you drop your hand down after it, it should come right back in a straight line.
you also don’t shift your weight quickly forward and what you get is more of a pushing jab than a snapping one. Your jab should be this quick sharp accurate tool that you use all the time to open him up, close him, whatever.
You also linger too long after you hit him, if he wasn't new to boxing he would counter a lot.
2. When you counter with the lead hand: you drop your eyes to the floor, also your back isn't straight, this renders you unable to follow that counter with an additional strike, which you should, or to see what is coming and react. (0:17) where are you looking? Your right hand should be on the other side of your face. Knees more bent and back straight like you dead lift. Again at (0:30) freeze it there and study your posture. Ass should be out, back arched ,right leg more to the back, left shoulder touching your left cheek, right glove covering front of face against his left counter. (and at least look at his torso…)
3. Lead left hook to the body: nice idea, poorly executed, if you tried that form with someone that can box you would eat a cross…which is bad. Freeze at (3:10) right after it, what is this? Where are you looking? A left hook should not end like this, nothing should. Freeze just before at (3:07) : for a lead left hook or any body shot for that matter, you drop a level, your hand as a rule should always strike at shoulder level, and you use your legs to drop a level. This way you are better protected against a counter. You should have taken your lead leg and stepped outside and forward while driving your right shoulder forward {like you strike with a cross just keeping your right glove tight on your face, protecting yourself while entering). Ok, so now that your left foot is outside his right foot, your knees are bent and bouncy, your head is chest level and you twisted/rotated your torso to the left - now you are like a spring that can deliver a massive body shot, you just straiten your torso, and your legs a little and rotate to the right and you send a big power shot. You should end with your head still pushing forward on his chest slightly to his side (angle) ready to use both your hands again.
4. Right hand. First I'll add that you are too flat footed, it really affects everything you do, and how you move…your hind leg should posture on the ball of your foot. So, when you throw the cross you don’t twist your foot as you know you should. (1:27)(1:37) etc.
from minute 3 onwards it all goes to hell, but you are tired so let's not analyze it, it was already talked about.
5. Staying in the pocket: at least I hope that means what I want it to mean. You strike once, than step clumsily back. I think the reason is that your posture coming in is bad and you get hit if you don’t step back. Either way, try and spar lightly and end your attacks inside his pocket, instead of jumping back jump forward and stifle his counters..
6. Double up: Double on the jab more, even triple, you throw one, than one, than one, than two (bam bam) the second one usually finds the target after he gets numb from your regular jab. Use more combos, again probably better practiced with a head gear because this is when you eat counters and real boxing starts.
7. More faints: and not this useless head movement you do when he is out of reach. That is energy inefficient, do that when in striking range only. ( 0:34? ) (0:09) ( 0:45!! )

Ok this is enough for me now, I hope it helped. If you are the guy with the black, than ..****.
P.S you should spar with someone better to feel when you are wrong. But, having said that I actually think the black shirt guy is a natural. He has good foot work, he is scrappy and brave, good timing, all stuff that is hard to teach, he should train somewhere and become good (tell him to keep his fucking chin down!!!).
Good luck!

10/24/2013 7:58am,
My first observation is that when you throw a punch, you leave it out there for like 2 years.

Second, you are not throwing any combos.

Third, you are always on the outside. Cut corners, get on the inside, and force your opponent to circle around you.

10/24/2013 8:59am,
Actually you don't want the opponent to circle around you, you want to circle around him.

10/24/2013 10:45am,
Yeah back heel could come up off the ground and feel free to move sideways at some point. Thit is as simple as creating a little angle with your forwards backwards movement.

punches in bunches. finish with a right hand and then angle of before you move backwards.

Now super sexy guard tip I picked up a little while back.

Hold your guard up from your elbows not your hands. Just tuck them in so they sit comfortably in front of you. Then they just rest there with your hands at the right hight. (Higher that your shoulders like you have them)

Creat a bit of an angle with your body so you block with one hand rather than two. Then you can punch with the other hand. If you are front on then you will natrually need to put both hands in the way to defend.

For now. Punch off line with the jab. So move your head to your right when you punch. and then go right. Dont come back to the middle. Throw the double jab.

Punch faster not harder. Or your punch becomes a push.

Dont look at your coach when he gives advice. punch the other guy if he does. Personally I repeat the instructions back so he knows I am listening.

10/24/2013 12:08pm,
Appreciate the feedback guys. Thanks a million.